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for commercial inquiries, contact through email.

Live2D Commissions

Status: Closed

Reservations are on an interest-basis. i do not have a waitlist.

for commercial inquiries, contact through email.

Tiers & Pricing

Project Includes:

✦ Rigged Model
✦ VBridger
✦ 3 Sticker Toggles
✦ VTS Runtime Files & Settings
✦ Calibration Support

Will Do:

✓ All Genders
✓ Animals/Mascots
✓ Kemonomimi/Furry

Won't Do:

x Copyrighted Characters
x AI Generated Artworks
x Gore/Body-Horror
x Mecha/Heavy Armor


chibi/mascot rigging

650 USD

Client: myself! | Art: Ryuriia

Half Body

head to waist rigging

2500 USD

Client: Lucci | Art: Anonymous

Full Body

head to toe rigging

3500 USD

Client: Siccoe | Art: Kamo | Rig: Novaj + Cho

Pay what you want

rigging based on set budget - details in link below

vgen only

[ Mogu ] | [ Asara ]

featured extras: add'l hairstyle, hair modify, mascot, cheek puff, tongue, & toggles w/ animation

[ Niamocha ] | [ sansinjin ]

base rigging done by their respective riggers.
I was only in charge of rigging the vbridger added movement.


Design Complexity: $100~$500+
PSD Seperation: consult - e.g. if artist is unable to process seperation requests
Extra Appendages: consult - e.g. non-human ears, tails, wings, tentacles, etc.
Asymmetrical Design: consult
Non-Front-Facing Pose: consult
+ Sticker/Expression Toggle: $50
+ Alternate Mouth: $50+
+ Animation: $50-$200+
+ Side-Stepping: $100+
+ Hair Modify: $50+
+ Additional Outfit*: $700+
+ Additional Hairstyle*: $300+
+ Hands/Arms Toggles: consult
+ On-Model Mascot: consult

* Additional outfits/hairstyles are not offered for the initial project. These will be scheduled for a future date, separate from the initial rigging.

VBridger Enhancement

All base models rigged by me include VBridger unless otherwise requested.PRICING FOR THIRD-PARTY**:
VBridger: Mouth - $550 | Face - $750
+ Alternate Mouth: $75
+ Cheek Puff (iOS Only): $75
+ Tongue (iOS Only): $400
Transfer Pricing (relating to already rigged add-ons):
+ Alternate Mouth: $50
+ Cheek Puff (iOS Only): $50
+ Tongue (iOS Only): $200
+ Misc Toggles: $25+

** Third-party models are models that are not rigged by me.

Apply for Rigging

Quote Calculator

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Terms of Service

Upon project confirmation you agree to my (Novaj) Terms of Service. Any violation of these terms may result in being blacklisted.


By submitting an application, you agree to the following:

  • You are of legal age.

  • You have usage rights to any reference materials and/or designs provided for use in the project.

  • You are able to provide credits for any third-party reference or designs.

  • You are responsible for understanding the usage policies and terms of the platforms you use the artist’s deliverables on.

  • You will provide as much information as necessary regarding intended project usage and agree to discuss additional uses or changes with the artist or their management after project start.


  • I, Novaj, have the right to refuse any project.

  • Upon submission of an application, the project will be reviewed and a proposal sent based on the project details provided by the applicant.

  • A proposal cannot be made without complete references of character design/artwork.

  • Notes may be included for PSD processing/changes required to be done by the original artist of the artwork. If the artist is unable to make the necessary changes then alternative solutions can be discussed.

  • No new references can be added to the project once the proposal has been agreed to unless asked by the artist.


  • Invoices are sent through Paypal or VGen upon confirmation of project proposal.

  • A deposit of 10% of the commission is due upon project confirmation and must be paid within 7 days of delivery of the invoice. This deposit is non-refundable and covers cancellation costs.

  • The only accepted payment plan is 50/50. Minus the 10% up front deposit, 40% is due upon project start, and 50% due upon the completion of the head rigging.


  • Project progress is tracked through google docs and trello. Trello is organized by priority.

  • More than one project may be worked on simultaneously.

  • Due to wrist and other health issues, definitive delivery dates cannot be provided but changes in discussed dates will always be communicated. For projects with due dates, a minimum of 3 months work time from the project start is required otherwise the project will be considered a rush/priority.

  • One revision is alloted during the rigging process. Exceeding revisions will be charged a fee based on amount of rigging changed. Rigging issues like missing parts or layers clipping through will not count towards a revision and will be fixed.

  • If client fails to respond to feedback requests within 7 days I hold the right to continue the project, up to what has been paid, with no revision to requested feedback. Continuous non-communication may result in project cancellation without refund.


  • Refunds (full or partial) are not offered under normal circumstances upon project start and no refunds are allowed after project delivery.

  • If Novaj is unable to finish the project for any reason, a partial refund will be given based on current completion of the project.

  • The client agrees not to file a chargeback without notice and discussion with Novaj.

Delivery & Redistribution

  • Client will receive a model folder containing VTubeStudio runtime files. VTS settings will be set up along with hotkeys and animations.

  • Clients are free to request a scheduled time to do a calibration call. Do not be afraid to mention anything that feels off to you.

  • Redistribution including sharing of the model folder or selling of the model requires consent to track model traffic and possession.

  • The client holds standard rights to use the model for social media and streaming distribution.

  • Credit must be linked to me, @justnovaj, included in an easily accessible area (like twitter bio or twitch credits panel) upon model debut or showcase release - whichever comes first.


I have the right to reveal and post a showcase of the delivered model after 90 days of its delivery date.Should the model debut within 90 days, a showcase will be posted any time after its reveal. Requests for extension of this 90 day period is on a case-by-case basis and a date of reveal must be given and agreed to by the artist. I have the right to post the showcase on any platform.


PSD Processing

  • PSD Processing that comes with the commission only includes note/instruction documentation to give to the L2D model artist for corrections. If the artist is unable to fix all listed corrections, permission/consent from the original artist is required before we proceed with any edits not done by the original artist.

  • If the model artist does not speak English as their main language, please disclose what language they speak so a translator may be hired to give the most accurate instruction for the artist.

  • If extensive PSD processing/correction is required and the original artist is unable to accomodate the request, then either a third-party artist can be contacted to make the necessary corrections, or the commission may be cancelled entirely. (Third-party fees are to be paid by the client.)


  • Rush fees are +100% of the subtotal of the project.

  • Usually, rush commission acceptance is very rare but may still be acquired.

  • Rush projects will automatically be put into priority queue.

  • Any delivery due before 3 months from estimated project start will be considered a rush.


  • Any project that requires NDA's or restriction from public posting or streaming will be considered private.

  • Privacy can be negotiated to certain terms in order to either remit or lower the privacy costs. (e.g. streaming and social media posts allowed but no name disclosure will not cost a privacy fee.)

  • Privacy fees are capped at +50% of the project subtotal.

— FAQ —

L2D Rigging

✦ Do you have a waitlist?
I do not have a waitlist, but I take reservations that are very selective. I am always open for inquiries but it is unlikely I will take on a project outside of open applications.
✦ When are open applications?
Applications open during certain periods when I am available to take on more work. I do not have scheduled openings and slot availability will vary each application period. If you'd like to know when my applications open, it's best to follow me on twitter for announcements.
✦ Do I need a finished model PSD to be considered?
Yes. I can't give a proper estimate of the project without a complete model PSD. Although on rare occasions I may wait for a PSD to be finished, it will be as selective as my reservations.
✦ When should I expect my model to be finished?
Projects have an estimated delivery time of up to 3 months from the project start. Projects requested for delivery in less than 3 months will be considered a rush order and include a rush fee.
I cannot deliver any project sooner than 1 month from project start.
✦ What are your work hours?
I work Monday to Friday and work times are very sporadic, but I usually work 5 hours a day due to health complications.


✦ Do I need VBridger to get an expressive face?
No. VBridger is NOT necessary to have good mouth lip-syncing and an expressive face. This is why it is called VBridger Enhancement as it only enhances the model's facial expressions. There is more personality that can be added, especially on the mouth, when rigging with VBridger in mind.
✦ Do you have a waitlist?
VBridger applications are always open but you may be put on a waitlist depending on workload.
✦ What's the difference between VBridger Mouth and VBridger Face?
VBridger Mouth - rigging movement involving the mouth from nose down to chin.
VBridger Face - movement from brow to chin and a sniff parameter; exaggerated and expressive facial movements that link together.
✦ Does my rig need to be finished before I can commission you for VBridger?
Yes. VBridger commissions don't usually include face angles for the mouth so you must have a finished rig for me to add VBridger rigging. There may be instances where this is not the case but details must be discussed with the client and original rigger.
✦ When should I expect my VBridger to be finished?
VBridger Mouth - delivery within 2 weeks.
VBridger Face - delivery within 1 month.

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✦ Pricing ✦

includes commercial rights


chibi/mascot rigging

650 USD

Half Body

head to waist rigging

2500 USD

Full Body

head to toe rigging

3500 USD


(pay what you want)

rigging based on set budget - details below

vgen only

Rigged Features

ChibiHalf BodyFull Body
Head MovementXYZXYZXYZ
Body MovementXYZXYZXYZ
Leg Movementx
Sticker Toggles333

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