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art by @TenshiNii

About Me

My name is Novaj (no-vahj) and I am a Live2D Rigger.
I specialize in mouth and physics rigging.
I am experienced in the usage of Live2D, VTubeStudio, and VBridger.
I am a co-founder of Rigger Mortis.
◆ 1.5 years of Live2D experience
◆ Verified Vendor of the Live2D Community Discord
◆ Awarded the Live2D Buzz Creator Pin in March 2022

General terms of service

1. Communication: All communication related to commissions must be made through email, Discord DM, or Twitter DM. Please refrain from sending commission-related messages through more than one platform.2. Credits: I require linked credit to be in an easily accessible place. Twitter/SNS bio, your streaming channel, and/or a credits page of your site.3. The client is responsible for providing clear and accurate image references and/or textual references.4. The artist reserves the right to refuse or cancel and refund an order at any time.5. Intention: The client must disclose all intentions for usage of the model. Use of the project for advertising or profits associated with NFTs (non fungible tokens) or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited.6. Payment: Payment options accepted are Paypal or Stripe. The project will not start until the work is at least 50% paid.7. Refund Policy: No refunds. In the case that the artist must cancel an order, the client will be fully refunded for any unfinished work.8. Revisions: The client is allowed 2 revisions per stage.9. The client must not reproduce or distribute commissioned artwork for any other purpose than personal use. To inquire about work for commercial use, please email the artist directly at [email protected]10. Project Privacy: The artist reserves the right to publicly display commissioned artwork in any way they wish. If the client wishes for a commission to be kept private, they must state such when ordering. A 5% privacy fee may apply depending on the terms and conditions discussed.11. Slot Reservation: I do not take a waitlist and reserved slots are only guaranteed after a finished PSD has been screened and the slot confirmed.12. Rush Orders: I do not take rush orders as I work a full time job and cannot predict my schedule.13. Chargebacks: The client agrees they are of legal age and will not issue a chargeback for the commission in any circumstance.14. Delivery Time: Delivery estimates are minimum 2 months and higher for full body rigs.


15. Edits: Generally, models are not permitted to be edited or updated by other modelers. The artist will strive to prioritize requests from existing clients, but please be aware that availability is not always guaranteed.16. Testing: Testing and polishing the completed model will be a joint effort between the artist and client, as there will be minor errors that will be easier for fresh eyes to catch.17. Project File: Editable/cmo3 files will not be given to the client under any circumstance.18. In most cases, I will not rig a previously rigged model with the exception of VBridger Enhancements which require the original rigger's permission. Should the occassion arise to rig a previously rigged model, the terms and conditions of the project will be discussed with the client.

Partnered Artists

The artists below are partnered artists who I work with on a regular basis and can attest to their quality and knowledge of the listed skills. .


◆ Artist
◆ Fashion Design
◆ Live2D Illustrator
◆ Emotes


◆ Live2D Illustrator
◆ Live2D Rigger
◆ Artist
◆ Character Design
◆ Graphic Design


◆ Artist
◆ Live2D Illustrator
◆ Emotes
◆ Image Cutting/Seperation

L2D Rigging

Half Body

Base price for rigging down to the waist.

Full Body

Base price for rigging from head to toe.


Base price for rigging for a full body chibi model.


Base price for rigging assets or backgrounds.

*Note: An extra fee may be charged for any consultation, extensive communication or corrections list creation.
Commissions are not FCFS.

Additional Pricing

Asymmetrical Design
Non-Profile Angle
Design Complexity
Animal Tail and Ear physics (or idle animation)
Sticker Toggle
Advanced Expression (alt mouth, brows, etc.)
Animation (based off complexity)
Hands/Arms Toggles
Cheek Puff (iOS only)
Tongue (iOS only)
Additional Outfit*
Additional Hairstyle*

Depends on complexity
$400+ (don't f*ing buy this)

*Additional outfits will not be offered for the initial commission. These will have to be scheduled at a later time, apart from the original model's rigging to prevent burnout.

Delivery estimates are minimum 2 months and higher for full body rigs.
Prices are in USD.
My commissions are not FCFS.

Here's a wonderful guide on cutting for any Live2D artist.
It describes a minimum standard of cutting: Faf's Live2D Guide
My minimum standard for mouth cutting can be found here (minus the cheekpuff).

vtuber: @reisaforte | artist: @Goth_lunacle | July 2022

A showcase page is still under construction. Please find my works on my Twitter page.

VBridger Enhancement

Terms & Conditions

◆ Must have read my general ToS
◆ Must have VBridger & a compatible tracking software (we recommend iFacialMocap)
◆ Must have a finished rig.
◆ Your rigger must be ok with giving the project file to us.
◆ Your rigger will be the one handing over the file (usually)
◆ Credit the member that worked on ur VBE in a credits area (doesn't have to be bio but must be somewhere accessible)
!! VBridger project files are not to be shared with anyone else other than the original rigger without my consent or knowledge !!

Please fill out this form and either DM or send to [email protected] for availability and/or an estimated quote. Your inquiry may not be considered if the project does not include the required information.Subject: [WORK TYPE] - [YOUR NAME]Name: If different from the title, please include a name you'd like to be referred as.Social Links: Please add any socials (twitch, youtube, etc).Project Type: VBridger EnhancementArtist: Please include their link.Rigger: Please include their link.Deadline: Please include if any.IOS Device: Type, model, and software (i.e. iPhone 13 ver. 15.5)Do you have another IOS Device? : Type and model (i.e. iPad Mini 3rd Gen ver. 15.5)Have you tested VBridger?Phone Position: (above or below you, how far is it, etc. - even better if you can include a photo of your set up)


VBridger Enhancement $450
Cheek Puff (Transfer) $25
Alternate Mouth (Transfer) $25
Tongue (Transfer) $75
Alternate Mouth (New) $75
Misc Toggles (Transfer) $25+
Tongue (New) Not Offered
Cheek Puff (New) Not Offered
*VBridger is not provided with these services but can be purchased for $9.99 USD.
For more information click here.

VBridger Tester

It is recommended that you test VBridger if you have yet to.
Please click on the image above to be taken to the Ko-Fi page where you can download and test it.

Resource Shop

Live2D Simple Mouth

Ko-Fi | Booth

For purchase Live2D mouth guide for beginners who are still learning. Includes beginner-friendly to intermediate techniques.

Live2D Complex Mouth

Ko-Fi | Booth

For purchase Live2D mouth guide for intermediate to advanced users who are more comfortable with complex Live2D functions.



Main L2D Art - @watari_tuna
Idol L2D Art - @watari_tuna
Idol L2D Rig - @atelier_honey
Chibi L2D Art 1 - @suulore_vt
Chibi L2D Art 2 - @bunbiiit



Stream Assets

Gaming Cafe Background - @xxkaorururu
Chat Coding - @cursedleviatha1
Stinger - @zaaarjz